Unprecedented Technology is Your Advantage

With TPC's Patent Pending Flow Intelligent (FI) design, you will:

Eliminate short-cycling

Others claim they can end short-cycling, but with our Patent Pending design TPC actually delivers on that promise.

Calculate real-time building loads

The TPC-FI knows exactly how much energy the system has used so it knows precisely how much energy to replace. The TPC-FI control with Flow Intelligence is the only boiler control that can do this.

Drastically reduce fuel bills

When you don't waste energy bringing on or ramping up equipment you don't need to match the building load, your fuel bills get smaller.

Dramatically extend equipment life

With the TPC-FI, needless cycles are a thing of the past. With this reduced wear-and-tear boiler components last much longer.

The following diagrams illustrate the Flow Intelligence advantage.

      Competitor Control Diagram         TPC Controls Diagram

Split load between different sizes and types of hot water boilers

With Patent Pending Flow Intelligence, the TPC-FI can calculate the building load. It will then select the appropriate boiler according to size, type (condensing/non-condensing), and hours of run-time to make sure that load is met by the correct boiler firing in its optimum range.

Eliminate over-shooting and under-shooting

Because we know the exact load on the building, we eliminate the guesswork of other controls that only cost you money.

Maximize the amount of time spent in the condensing range

Because other controls are in a hurry to reach a set point and shut down, they end up putting out more energy than is needed for the building's needs and the occupant's comfort. This means they minimize the run time the boilers can spend taking advantage of the latent heat that is unlocked by low return temps. The TPC-FI intelligent decision-making capabilities will never allow a hybrid or condensing boiler system to creep out of a condensing range until they absolutely must. This type of smart technology allows you to get the most out of your boiler applications.

How do we generate such unprecedented control?

By measuring the system ΔT, the outdoor air and the system flow, we have all the information we need to know exactly how many BTU's the system has used. The TPC-FI control then takes that load, and using a Patent Pending proprietary algorithm, assigns that to the appropriate boiler(s) by size and type for the specific conditions.

So from the coldest of design days to the smallest of reheat loads you are always inputting just the energy you need. You never waste a cycle, never waste a therm!

If your boiler control doesn't know system flow, it doesn't have all the information it needs to make intelligent decisions. The reality is that controls which don't have Flow Intelligence are just making uneducated guesses, and what they don't know is costing you! It is costing you in higher fuel bills and premature equipment failure.

The net effect of Flow Intelligent technology is the lowest possible fuel bills and extended equipment life.

Thermodynamic Process Control is the only place to get this Patent Pending technology.

Beyond FI - Additional TPC Innovations

ΔT Control

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to make boilers live up to their published thermal efficiency curves? The main reason is that in the boiler manufacturer's labs they have control over every aspect of the system.

Now with TPC-FI, you do too! With ΔT control and use of a VFD secondary loop pump, the TPC-FI control manipulates flow (within the boiler's published flow rates) through the boiler to keep a constant ΔT across the unit regardless of the firing rate. This is significant because when you deliver a high ΔT, you deliver maximum thermal efficiency. In short, you pay to heat the water and not to heat the flues. Finally, you have laboratory-style control available for your field applications!

Ready to Go for Hybrid Systems

With two independent reset loops, you can easily mix and match condensing and non-condensing boilers to save all the fuel possible while making the job affordable (click on the Hybrid System link above for additional information).

Post-Cycle Pump Boost and Cleaning

Extend the life of your boiler's heat exchanger by "cleaning" output for a percentage of the run time of the previous cycle. This feature cleans off the heat exchanger before the lime and scale can adhere itself to the tube wall, saving you thousands in heat exchanger replacement costs over the life of your boiler.

True Soft Starts

The TPC-FI is smart enough to know that every call for heat is not an emergency. Before it starts ramping up boilers, it takes the time to find out the needs of the system. So if it is the first cycle of the season or an early morning pickup, you never end up over-firing your boiler plant. TPC-FI controls optimize the amount of time your part load efficient boilers spend in low fire.