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The Next Wave of Energy Management... Just got better!

The Thermodynamic Process Control
Mechanical Room Energy Management System!

Thermodynamic Process Control (TPC) brought the first Hybrid Boiler System control to the market. TPC brought the first Flow Intelligent™ boiler control system to the market. TPC also brought the first and only control that utilizes Real Time Energy Load™ in making all operational and loading decisions. Now TPC is doing it again by introducing the first boiler control system that optimizes the Total Energy required for producing comfort heat in a mechanical room, the TPC CORE™ System!

The TPC CORE™ System (Control, Optimize, Report, Energy)
Puts you in charge of energy management!

Control: The TPC CORE™ System builds on our unprecedented and patented Flow Intelligent™ platform that measures the energy that a building is using for heat. TPC measures the supply and return temperatures along with the flow in GPM of the hydronic system to calculate the load in BTU's Then, understanding what the building needs, it operates the boiler plant to deliver just what is required to replace the energy used. The TPC CORE™ System now goes a step further, it optimizes both gas and electrical usage to make your existing equipment as efficient as possible.

Optimize: The TPC CORE™ System “Learns” what the building needs to produce comfort heat by maintaining an internal database of system energy requirements. Everything from the required BTU load to GPM flow to the required electrical current in Watts to produce heat for the building at any condition is logged and referenced for control optimization.

Report: The TPC CORE™ System reports results like to other. Starting with an embedded Web Site the TPC CORE™ system can be viewed and interacted with from any computer, tablet or smart phone. The TPC CORE™ System will email you graphs on building heating usage, natural gas usage, electrical energy usage, and boiler plant efficiency. The TPC CORE™ has an external energy database that can be downloaded and examined in spreadsheets.

Energy: As stated above, the TPC CORE™ System measures, and reports ALL of the energy your mechanical room is using to produce heat! Then using proprietary methods of control for all devices, (Boilers, Pumps, Valves, Dampers) TPC optimizes your plant to use the lowest possible total energy output to complete the task.

It's time for Thermodynamic Process Control!

Patented Flow Intelligent Design Benefits

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